Syracuse victims of traumatic Head Injuries may wonder – “What areas of functioning may be affected by injury to the brain?” With so many athletic opportunities for injury and just unexpected accidents – the area of functionality after a serious Head Injury is a question fielded often in our specialty of Head Injuries here at Goldblatt and Associates P.C. .  The reality is that any or all of the functions the brain controls may be impacted. However, given that individuals differ greatly in their response to injury, any specific individual may experience only one, a few, or most of the possible effects. Further, a change in any of the possible areas of dysfunction, if it occurs at all, will vary in intensity across individuals — from very subtle to moderate to life threatening.


Your Syracuse area family is dealing with one of the most difficult injuries possible. A severe Head Injury has you and your family terrified – first the confusion surrounding the accident, how it happened and how it could have been prevented, and now all the unanswered questions surrounding the extent of the brain injury and how it will affect your loved ones future. With all of your worrying and wondering, you may be ready to do something proactive, something to protect your loved one and his or her right to top medical care.


The law firm of Goldblatt & Associates, P.C. is here to answer all your questions and provide peace of mind in any way we can. Those who’ve never hired a Central NY Head Injury lawyer before may be wary of attorneys and nervous about the process. You must remember that our attorneys are here to serve your family. Our job is to make sure your rights are protected.


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