If you or a loved one have experienced trouble finding compensation due to a head injury in New York City, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Goldblatt & Associates P.C., we understand the trouble and issues that can arise from accidents that cause head injuries. But not to worry, because our team of experienced and professional attorney’s at Goldblatt & Associates P.C. can help you. Learn what you can do to get compensation for your head injury in New York City, andhow we can help today!

So, what is a head injury?
Head injuries are complex and difficult to understand, since they affect one of the most complicated systems in the human body – the brain. At Goldblatt & Associates P.C., we know that a head injury can lead to various issues including:
•    neurological problems
•    memory loss
•    amnesia
•    dementia
•    concentration issues
•    and more…

Head injuries are any trauma sustained by the head either due to a crash, fall, or application of blunt or powerful force. A head injury can be an external injury or an internal injury – meaning the skull could have been penetrated and caused some bleeding, or the injury could show absolutely no visible signs of trauma to the head.

How do I know I have a head injury?
Open head injuries are localized and occur in cases when a bullet penetrates the skull or a sharp object pierces the skull. In such cases the treatment is restricted to the area of the injury. Closed head injuries cause more internal bleeding and swelling, resulting in headaches, nausea, dizziness, memory loss, loss of coordination, coma, and sometimes death.

While rest can cure many of these problems, any head injury can lead to long term consequences for the injured person and their family. The injured person might be unable to concentrate on tasks or require help performing even personal chores.

How can I find compensation for my head injury?
Given the various possible complications of a head injury, if you or a loved one have sustained a head injury and have not received the proper care or compensation you deserve, you’ll need to find a personal injury lawyer specializing in head injuries. This can and will help your fight for adequate compensation, and our head injury lawyers at Goldblatt & Associates, P.C. are able to understand the medical reports describing the condition of the injured.

Also, it’s important for you to be aware of the various categories under which compensation can be sought. For instance, a person who’s head injury makes them unfit or incapable of continuing their present occupation can ask for funds to train in another field.

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