When you hear the term TBI lawyer what comes to mind? If you’re like most of us the answer is nothing. You know where to find the best bagels in Manhattan, the best bars, and the can’t miss entertainment, but a TBI lawyer? Nope. What use could you possibly have for a TBI lawyer in Manhattan…or anywhere else for that matter? Then the unthinkable happens; a car accident, or perhaps an injury on the job resulting in a TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury. Your medical bills are astronomical. You can’t work. Your bills are past due, with collectors calling constantly. And worst of all? The accident wasn’t even your fault! You are now in need of a Manhattan-based TBI lawyer. Why New York-based? Because, with everything you now have to deal with, you need a lawyer that’s local, someone who understands how this area works, and, as such, is in the position to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can be broadly defined as any trauma or blow to the head that causes a disruption in the normal functioning of your brain. However, the TBI lawyers at Goldblatt & Associates, P.C know that description doesn’t do justice to the pain and misery these injuries can inflict. Located in Peekskill, NY, we proudly serve the New York area including New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester and Putnam Counties, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo making Goldblatt & Associates is the ideal choice to help you through this difficult time. When looking for a lawyer to represent you in your TBI case consider the following:

Find someone who helps you understand the process:

You should do research in order to make the best decision you can when selecting a TBI lawyer. Choose a lawyer that listens to you, respects your wishes, and keeps you updated throughout the entire process. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re out of the loop, especially when it comes to something as big as a lawsuit.

Know the Facts – Brain Injury Lawsuit Compensation:

The fact is, most attorneys will often have to settle your case for a sizable sum to compensate their clients for lost wages, medical bills, and emotional damage. The attorneys at Goldblatt & Associates, P.C. are highly skilled and knowledgeable in litigating Traumatic Brain Injury matters. Our founder, Attorney Kenneth B. Goldblatt is a member of the executive committee of a nationally recognized Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group and lectures on how to litigate these matters to professional trial lawyer organizations. His numerous high dollar settlements and court victories show that he and his firm will put in the countless hours of dedication needed to recover fair compensation for Traumatic Brain Injury victims.

Successful case results:

Before deciding to hire a brain injury attorney to represent you, it is important that you personally find out all that you can about the attorney; their practice, track record, etc. Our results speak volumes about the dedication and hard work we devote to our brain injury and orthopedic injury clients. Feel free to visit our web site for more information on how we’ve helped clients in Manhattan and throughout the county and to find out what we can do for you and your family.

As your attorney, we will work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your case is handled correctly and with the utmost of professionalism and compassion. To learn more about Traumatic Brain Injury or the process of filing a lawsuit, contact Goldblatt and Associates at: 914-788-5000 or 1-800-567-9888 to schedule a free consultation.