You have been injured in an accident and you are asking yourself what do I do now? You understand that someone else’s actions have caused your injuries but you are not sure who to approach first.

As a personal injury law firm with years of experience, we understand the steps needed to take in order to handle a personal injury claim.

  1. Always seek medical treatment first. Your health is the main concern, and by visiting a trusted doctor or hospital, you can acknowledge your medical issues correctly and seek treatment. It is likely that without visiting a doctor you will not be able to make a claim and your health will also suffer.
  2. Find representation. Appropriate representation by lawyer is necessary, and when looking for the right attorney make sure they have experience in the courtroom and will give you the most beneficial outcome from your case.
  3. Do not speak with insurance companies until you are represented. They will offer you a smaller settlement in attempt to cover up your injuries.

After being involved in an accident do not hesitate to call TBI lawyers. The most important thing is giving you what you deserve and correctly handling the situation, which is what we are here to do.