We at Goldblatt & Associates, P.C. in Mohegan Lake, NY want to make sure nobody hits you with any of these myths:

Myth: Mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not serious.
Fact: Mild TBI may cause physical symptoms, cognitive deficits and behavioral changes including: headache, problems with concentration and quickness to anger.

Myth: Loss of consciousness is necessary to sustain a TBI.
Fact: With mild TBI, the duration of unconsciousness is brief, usually seconds to minutes, and in some cases there is no loss of consciousness but simply a brief period of dazed consciousness.

Myth: One must strike one’s head in order to suffer a TBI.
Fact: The brain moves inside the skull and it is the area of impact where damage then occurs. Moreover, one can suffer a TBI without one’s head being struck, e.g., shaken babies.

Myth: The effects of TBI are immediate.
Fact: The effects of TBI becomes apparent between six and 12 hours after injury.

Myth: All children with TBI get better.
Fact: Children with a TBI, especially those between birth and five years, may experience more long-term challenges.

Myth: Mild TBI is not permanent.
Fact: Those who suffer mild TBI are at risk of permanent symptomatic persistent post-concussive syndrome.

Myth: Mild TBI is not disabling.
Fact: Mild TBI may actually result in long-term disability.

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