For Cazenovia residents, it is important to be aware also that not all functions of the individual are impacted by Traumatic Brain Injury.  Our experts at Goldblatt and Associates understand that well.  For example, feelings toward family, long-term memories, the ability to ski or cook, one’s knowledge of the world, and so forth — all may be intact, along with numerous other characteristics of an individual, even one who has experienced a moderate to severe injury.

The possible long-term effects of moderate-to-severe brain injury are further discussed in the following three questions.

1)      How are thinking and other aspects of cognition affected?

2)      How are mood and behavior affected?

3)     What other changes are likely after moderate/severe TBI?

Traumatic Brain Injury can have long lasting consequences for the victim in extensive medical bills and post treatment. To learn more about Traumatic Brain Injury, contact the New York brain injury lawyers at Goldblatt and Associatesto schedule a free consultation. We serve accident victims throughout New York State including Baldwinsville, Liverpool, DeWitt , Syracuse and Cazenovia. We offer a free consultation, and receive no fee unless we are successful. Call 1-800-567-9888 today.