There are many, many complications following a head injury in New York City. The first couple of months after a head injury in New York City is up mainly spent on physical rehabilitation and trying to adjust to your new world.  However, because most people who suffer a head injury in New York City tend to be so focused on their body and getting back to normal, many don’t realize that there, more than likely, will be mental/emotional problems ahead, and the more they return to normal, the worse the mental/emotional problems can become. In the hospital, the doctors and nurses know how to deal with a head injury, but out in the big wide world it can be a different story.

Treated differently
One of the many things experienced by people who have suffered a head injury in New York City is being treated differently. Even if you feel that you are the same person on the inside, people you knew  before the accident may treat you differently than before, like how they would treat an old age pensioner who couldn’t look after themselves or worse, being treated like an object, not a person. This is where Goldblatt & Associates can be of help.

You deserve a head injury attorney that advocates for your well-being, well beyond the four walls of the courtroom. The attorneys at Goldblatt & Associates, P.C. will fight for you every step of the way in an effort to get your life back on track. We’ll help ensure that you have access to the best medical experts and life planning tools you need, and that children, parents, other family members and friends know what to expect and understand that we are available as counselors and friends, thereby minimizing different or unfair treatment.

Depressed, frustrated and angry
Another problem faced by many who have suffered a head injury in New York City is becoming depressed, frustrated and very angry. A lot of the time you do need help, but help on your terms and help that you wanted, not help that people think you need! If left unchecked, this can leave the sufferer of a head injury in New York City feeling like a worthless human being and no good to anyone. Again, this is where the Attorneys of Goldblatt & Associates can be of service; we understand the principles of Traumatic Brain and Orthopedic Injuries. We understand what your family needs and how to get you there.

Perhaps your head injury in New York City was the result of carelessness (not yours) at work, or perhaps your work environment is not conducive to your recover. Either way, the Attorneys of Goldblatt & Associates know exactly how to help you. We are dedicated in knowing what our clients need after suffering a head injury in New York City. We also pursue claims to compensateclients for injuries sustained that have impacted, and may continue to impact, their abilities to perform activities of daily living.
So if you have suffered a head injury in New York City, contact us at 914-788-5000 right away!