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Despite guidelines recommending screening for hypopituitarism in patients with traumatic brain injury, researchers found a low prevalence of growth hormone deficiency in this patient population.

The researchers included 439 Danish adults who received a head trauma diagnosis and 124 healthy control patients in their population-based cohort study. All patients underwent assessment of GH secretion at a median of 2.5 years after traumatic brain injury. They measured prevalence of GH deficiency using local vs. guideline cutoffs; insulin tolerance testing, pyridostigmine/GH-releasing hormone (GHRH) or GHRH-arginine testing; and assays with different isoform specificity.

Results revealed a lower prevalence of GH deficiency, as measured by local vs. guideline cutoffs using pyridostigmine/GHRH or GHRH-arginine testing (12% vs. 19%; P<.001), as well as by insulin tolerance test (4.5% vs. 5%; P=.09). Similarly, prevalence was lower as measured by insulin tolerance test vs. pyridostigmine/GHRH or GHRH-arginine testing when using both local cutoffs (P=.006) and guideline cutoffs (P<.001). Further, only 1% of patients exhibited GH deficiency on two tests.

The assay used did not significantly alter diagnostic outcomes.

“The study confirmed a high risk of bias in the management of pituitary testing of patients with [traumatic brain injury], and stresses the importance of a proper control group and stringent GH-testing including confirmatory testing, in cohorts with low a-priori likelihood of [GH deficiency] such as in [traumatic brain injury]. Our results question the evidence for newly introduced recommendations for routine pituitary assessment in [traumatic brain injury],” the researchers wrote.

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