New York Traumatic Brain Injury lawyer Golblatt and Associates share some news:

A Chicago family is spending Thanksgiving in a room at La Rabida Children’s Hospital, giving thanks for the life of a 3-year-old boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury earlier this year.

Rodney was hit by a car over the summer but continues to surprise doctors with the strides he has made.

His mother, Christine, says this is a special Thanksgiving for her.

“I’m thankful that my baby is still here with us and progressing,” she says.

Brodney’s grandmother, Wanda Menendez, said she spoils the toddler. His aunt, Saphire, sat smiling at Brodney as he sat in a wheelchair.

“Back in August,” she said, “I was just 100 percent heartbroken. He’s like one of the only men in my life who can hold my heart the way he does,” she says.

His doctor, Michael Hobaugh, said Brodney is around to enjoy today because of advances in trauma care.

“We can’t say how far he’s going to come,” he said, “but he keeps surprising us by doing better and better every day, and it may be that in a few weeks he may be able to walk out of here.”

Dr. Hobaugh says it’s important to recognize there’s a lot to be thankful for.

“I hope everybody takes this day of Thanksgiving to look their family in the eye and let them know they love them,” he says.

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