What Does It Mean to Be the Best?

People who have experienced traumatic brain injuries know they have a long road ahead of them. Treatment can be expensive and time-consuming, while symptoms can remain present for many years to come. You’ve endured your traumatic brain injury, and we know that your story doesn’t stop when you leave the hospital. However if your injury comes from someone else’s neglect, that means that you need the best legal counsel around. New York personal injury lawyers can help you. We get results.

Dedication to Our Clients

Goldblatt and Associates give every client an expert New York personal injury lawyer. This firm has more than 20 years of experience. Our lawyers combine knowledge of medicine, technology, and law. In this way, the firm can provide you with a personal injury lawyer like none other.

Mr. Goldblatt began the company with a vision. He wanted to offer each client the best possible personal injury attorney in NY. Goldblatt is a nationally known expert in traumatic brain injury law. He understands what victims need. This includes everything ranging from their medical treatment to the legal compensation they are entitled to. He has even written papers helping personal injury lawyers in New York and even nationwide. Goldblatt works hard to advocate for victims.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Unlike Any Other

Goldblatt and Associates advocate for each victim with expert personal injury law. The attorneys have up-to-date information about care for traumatic brain injuries. The firm also uses the most advanced legal technology available in the industry. It’s dedication like this that makes each member of this team a great personal injury lawyer in New York.

The attorneys at Goldblatt and Associates believe that if you’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury, you deserve legal representation. What’s more, you deserve the best legal representation available so that you get exactly what you need. If you need a New York personal injury lawyer, call Goldblatt & Associates at 800-567-9888, 914-788-5000, or [email protected] to set up a free consultation.