As they prepare to say goodbye to their loved ones, the families of two people who died in last Friday’s Hudson River boat crash have issued a statement. Authorities have charged the boat’s driver, Jojo John, with vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault, claiming he was drunk when the boat crashed into a barge by the Tappan Zee Bridge. However, the families blame NY State for the tragedy.

The families of Lindsey Stewart, who was supposed to be married on August 10, and Mark Lennon, who was going to be the best man, said, “The passengers on the boat – all mature, respected professionals in their thirties – had consumed very little alcohol and considered themselves sober. None of them saw the barge. They did not brace for impact and could not identify what they had hit – even after impact – as they desperately worked to direct the first responders coming to their aid.”

The barges were near the Tappan Zee Bridge for the state’s renovation project. NY State has said that the barges were properly lit, but added additional lighting after the crash. A Rockland County police official added that “it is difficult to see barges that are low in the water in the dark.”

Stewart’s fiancé (and Lennon’s best friend) Brian Bond was seriously injured during the crash. Stewart’s stepfather Walter Kosik told the Journal News, “With six people looking, nobody could see the barge. This is a problem and it’s being minimized.” He added that he was told the boaters, including John, did not drink heavily, “That driver had a couple drinks in him. If he was that drunk, they would not have gotten onto the boat.”

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