A man died from a blow to the head in an industrial accident at a worksite in Lowville, New York, according to NBC-WKTV News Channel 2.
Willard J. Moser, 55, was struck by an excavator tooth which had become lodged in a crusher. Moser was looking over the crusher when the dislodged excavator tooth was thrown from the machine and hit him.

Moser was pronounced dead at the scene.

The article said Moser died in an “industrial accident at a business” so chances are benefits will be available for his surviving family members. Under New York workers’ compensation laws, dependents of a worker who was killed because of a work-related accident or illness, may receive weekly cash benefits or a negotiated lump sum award. New York workers’ comp laws are designed to provide an economic safety net to certain surviving dependents and loved ones of employees who suffered a work-related death.

In New York State, deaths directly connected to a worksite cannot be disputed if the person was on duty at the time of the accident.
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