The Lawyers at Goldblatt & Associates P.C. know that attempting to settle a personal injury claim on your own can become exceedingly difficult.  Insurance companies use trained negotiators to settle personal injury claims for the lowest dollar value possible.  A personal injury lawyer, however, can assist in maximizing the value of your claim.

Fair and just compensation from an insurance company shouldn’t be an elusive task for anyone who has ever been a victim of another person’s negligent actions.  Goldblatt & Associates P.C. can show you how to maximize the value of your personal injury claim.

Goldblatt & Associates P.C. has a tailored approach to ensure a maximum recovery for their clients.  In doing so, it is essential to account for both the injured victim’s economic damages and non-economic damages.  Economic damages, which are those out-of-pocket losses for medical bills and lost wages, can be fairly easy to calculate.  In  some other instances, when an individual suffers a life-altering injury, the catastrophic injury attorneys at Goldblatt & Associates P.C.  employ trained professionals to calculate the amount of the injured victim’s future wage loss and future medical expenses.

Additionally, non-economic damages represent the pain, suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress that so many victims often suffer after the injury initially occurs.  The lawyers at Goldblatt & Associates P.C.  rely on their years of trusted experience and past jury verdicts to help clients understand an appropriate value for the non-economic portion of their claim.  Contact Goldblatt & Associates P.C.  to ensure that the insurance company is not trying to take advantage of you. Serving accident injury victims in Albany, Rochester, Watertown, Ithaca, Syracuse and New York City.  Contact them  at 1-800-567-9888Goldblatt & Associates P.C.  offer a free initial consultation, and receive no fee unless they are successful.