There are many different ways head injuries can happen. Fortunately, there are options for head injury lawyers in NY. These lawyers specialize in these particular kinds of cases. They are experts in helping people with lawsuits pertaining to a head injury.

Goldblatt and Associates are head injury lawyers in NY with a long record of successful clients. Attorney Kenneth Goldblatt founded the firm with one particular goal: to serve those who had been injured in an accident while staying open and transparent about legal proceedings. Goldblatt and Associates still follows this philosophy today, making them some of the top head injury lawyers in NY.

Their clients are people who have been injured through negligence, sustaining injuries to the brain or spinal cord as well as other injuries affecting bones or muscles. They also represent those seeking justice for wrongful deaths as the results of negligence.

Exceeding Expectations as the Best Head Injury Lawyers in NY

One of the main parts of their job is ensuring clients receive what they are owed by insurance companies. This means ensuring that clients are able to take advantage of workers’ compensation or disability benefits. They also help clients get the funds they need to pay medical bills and support their families while they are unable to work due to their injury. It is care like this that makes Goldblatt and Associates some of the best head injury lawyers in NY.

Head Injury Lawyers in NY That Use the Best Tools Available

Not only are Goldblatt and Associates experts as head injury lawyers in NY, but they also take advantage of the most up-to-date legal software. This ensures that they monitor cases diligently and offer every possible service to their clients. They also strive to help clients get in touch with medical specialists that are top in their field. This ensures clients get the medical care they need.

Goldblatt and Associates don’t just want their clients to think of them as some of the top head injury lawyers in NY; they want them to view them as friends and supporters.

If you are looking for head injury lawyers in NY, contact Ken at 800-567-9888, 914-788-5000, or [email protected].