Head injury lawyers in Nassau County such as the attorney’s at Goldblatt & Associates handle a myriad of personal injury cases. Many of these stem from work-related injuries. For example, as most of us know, construction sites are inherently dangerous places. During construction, there is always a danger of anyone at the site being injured. Whether it is from heavy equipment being moved around, tools being dropped from heights or scaffolding collapsing, the danger is omnipresent and may result in the need for head injury lawyers in Nassau County.
There is also very real danger after the construction project is finished. If the contractor used poor-quality materials or used unapproved construction methods, the building or object that was constructed could partially or catastrophically fail, thereby injuring the occupants or passersby and creating a need for head injury lawyers in Nassau County.

And what if the contractor isn’t even licensed to perform construction in the state or local jurisdiction? How does Nassau County deal with these contractors who put both construction personnel, as well as passersby, at risk of sustaining serious injuries?

The danger that unlicensed contractors pose is often understated however, this is a very real, and very serious, threat to public safety.

There is no way to certify that an unlicensed contractor has the requisite knowledge or ability to undertake the project they are working on. Furthermore, there is also no assurance that they know how to maintain a safe work environment which could lead to an untold number of safety issues and violations and, at its worst, facilitate the need for head injury lawyers in Nassau County.

The law provides that a consumer is entitled to three times the compensatory damages awarded to them in an action against an unlicensed contractor if they are injured by the negligence, malfeasance or misfeasance of a contractor who is neither certified by the state nor licensed in the jurisdiction in which the work is done.

This is done to deter unscrupulous companies and individuals from working outside of the law (being unlicensed and uncertified) and then causing injury either by poor work product or unsafe conditions and only being liable to the same extent as any other contractor.

However, a good portion of the general public are not aware of this and don’t know where to turn if they ever find themselves in need of head injury lawyers in Nassau County.

If you are in the Nassau area and you’ve been injured by a contractor’s poor work or unsafe practices (whether they were licensed or not), or have been the victim of anything else that has left you in need of head injury lawyers in Nassau County, you owe it to yourself to seek out great representation with a proven track record.

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