If you are seeking a Head injury lawyer in Long Island, Goldblatt & Associates are here. At Goldblatt and Associates, we handle a myriad of personal injury cases including injuries to the head. Many head injuries in Suffolk County and Nassau County occur from a job-site accident. As most of us know, places like construction sites are specifically dangerous. During construction, there is always a danger present. Working with heavy machinery, on scaffolds, with power tools and around people who are still gaining experience creates a cautious environment. The danger is omnipresent despite following many precautions to prevent injury.

Head Injury Cases in Long Island

Upon completion of a major project, danger still lurks. If a contractor uses subpar material or uses unapproved construction methods, the building or object constructed can partially or totally fail. This has the potential to put even the most cautious of people in harm’s way. When you are seeking a head injury lawyer in Long Island, it doesn’t necessarily matter how the accident happened or why. It just matters that you get the help you need because you are the unfortunate recipient of an accident in Suffolk and Nassau County, Long Island. What happens if the contractor isn’t licensed to perform construction in Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island? How do we handle cases of negligence?

Fight Back Against Negligence

Unlicensed contractors pose a serious danger that is often swept under the rug. This creates a very real, and serious threat to public safety in Long Island. There is no way to ensure that an unlicensed contractor has the required knowledge or even the ability to undertake any given project. The law states that a consumer is entitled to three times the compensation awarded to them in an action against an unlicensed contractor. If you are subject to injury due to the negligence, malfeasance or misfeasance of a contractor who is neither certified by the state nor licensed in the jurisdiction in which the work is done, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Choose a Team With a Proven Track Record

Contact Goldblatt and Associates to begin your suit in the result of a head injury. When seeking a head injury lawyer in Long Island, you need a team with proven results. At Goldblatt and Associates, we are indeed the team to deliver. Contact us today. Don’t miss out on lost wages or time. Resolve your case and get the treatment and compensation you are entitled to. Choose the team that wins.