Goldblatt & Associates are the trusted partners in New York City for people who’ve suffered a head injury and compensation litigation is necessary. Goldblatt lawyers help the injured to recover the costs of their treatment, long-term care, and pain & suffering after their injury. Goldblatt & Associates lawyers are skilled at obtaining the maximum compensation for the clients who have sustained a head injury in New York City.

Causes of head injury.

Falls are the leading cause of head injury (40%) in America, and the youngest and oldest Americans suffer more falls than other age groups. More than half (55%) of the head injuries suffered by children were caused by falls. More than two-thirds (81%) of head injuries in adults aged 65 and older are caused by falls. Accidental falls, motor vehicle collisions, and assaults are other measurable causes of head injury. Men more than women have higher incidences of head injury.

Long-term effects of a head injury.

Only recently has the public become aware of the long-term effects of head injuries like concussions. Professional football players in particular report experiencing the effects of a head injury long after their playing days have ended. More science is emerging that even in head injuries like concussion, the damage can be measurable. Goldblatt & Associates’ head injury lawyers are skilled advocates for their clients in New York City. They have the knowledge and experience to secure compensation for the continuing needs of their clients and for their care into the future after suffering a head injury.

Life after a head injury.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly two million Americans each year suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Treatment for people who sustain head injuries may involve emergency care, rehabilitation, disease-and-health care monitoring and maintenance, including support within and outside the home. Head injuries change the lives of their sufferers and the lives of their family as well. Special accommodations in the home are expensive and labor intensive and visiting or live-in care may be prescribed by doctors. Goldblatt & Associates’ head injury lawyers are experienced in anticipating, identifying, and litigating for their clients’ present circumstances and their future needs living with the effects of a head injury.

Plans for the future.

The legal landscape is only one part of being represented effectively for compensation for a head injury. Attorneys in New York City like the experienced head injury lawyers of Goldblatt & Associates must be familiar with health care systems and procedures, insurance structures, and social agencies in New York City to maximize their client’s compensation and provide a secure and comfortable future living with a head injury. The head injury lawyers of Goldblatt & Associates are experienced at identifying and pursing negligence or culpability in head injury cases and securing for their clients the compensation for their injury that they deserve.

Trust the head injury lawyers of Goldblatt & Associates to partner with you in seeking compensation for a traumatic brain injury in New York City.