Roadways are one of the most common and dangerous places to experience accidents, especially when dealing with large trucks and busy motorways. Recently a truck carrying 8,500 gallons of unleaded gasoline and 1,000 of diesel food crashed through a guardrail on route 7 in Hoostick, New York. The tanker rolled off the road and into a creek, but not before catching fire and exploding. Authorities say the driver escaped the truck and walked along the freeway until he was picked up by another motorist and dropped off at a shop where an ambulance was called. He is said to have suffered burns on his hands and face and his respiratory system, but is in stable condition.

The truck quickly burned all but two parts, which were towed from the scene. The cause of the accident is unknown but no brake marks were noticed at the scene, which means the driver was not aware he was about to lose control.

The driver was very lucky not to sustain any fatal injuries in the crash, but burns can range from minor, to life changing, all requiring medical attention. In any case, when experiencing a personal injury due to a car/truck accident, make sure you are properly and immediatley represented by a trusted attorney.