Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Anyone who has suffered a brain injury and now faces a life of unexpected challenges can benefit from a program of rehabilitation and occupational and physical therapy that harnesses a patient’s will and determination to succeed in the face of a disability.

Rehabilitation for a brain injury on Long Island or surrounding areas may occur in a hospital or clinical setting or on an outpatient basis. Some treatment approaches that may be experienced during brain injury rehab are:

  • Cognitive therapy—sometimes known as talk therapy, cognitive therapy may be conducted in a group or in a one-on-one setting. Cognitive therapy helps build community and provides a forum for sharing and problem solving.
  • Speech therapy—focuses on improving speech, writing, reading, and expression after a brain injury. Attention, organizational, and comprehensive skills are reinforced as well.
  • Physical therapy—exercise to preserve and maintain flexibility, coordination, mobility, and range of motion after a brain injury.
  • Occupational therapy—works to maintain coordination, brain function, sensory stimulation, and reflexes.
  • Vocational rehabilitation—preparation for a brain injury sufferer to navigate and function effectively in everyday situations and locations.
  • Neuropsychological and neurobehavioral therapy—an examination and analysis of the function of damaged parts of the brain because of a traumatic brain injury.

According to, “During and after the physical recovery from a brain injury, a person may receive various tests that help determine what parts of the brain have been affected. Sometimes this testing is conducted by a neuropsychologist or a clinical evaluator who is experienced in brain injury screening. If the need for rehabilitation is evident, then specific rehabilitation services will be recommended. In most cases, a hospital social worker or case manager will help direct a person to programs that offer the type of treatment the person needs.

The actual length of the rehabilitation process varies according to the person and to the severity of their injury. Some people may only require a few weeks or months of rehabilitation, and others may require years or even lifelong rehabilitation.

While most people agree that rehabilitation should begin as early as possible following a brain injury, it is not uncommon to begin rehabilitation months or years following the injury event. With the help of specialized rehabilitation, anyone with a brain injury can continue to make improvements in his or her life, no matter how many years have transpired since the injury.”

Your partners after a traumatic brain injury

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Are you facing an uncertain future after suffering a brain injury?