As Brain Injury Lawyers,  Goldblatt & Associates P.C.  knows that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that  every year, at least 1.7 million Traumatic Brain Injuries occur yearly in the United States as either an isolated injury or along with other various injuries. A traumatic brain injury can occur due to any accident in which the victim sustains head trauma. Accidents that can cause these types of injuries include car accidents, falling objects, accidents while on the job, assault and more. As Brain Injury Lawyers at  Goldblatt and Associates, P.C., we work to give you the legal representation necessary as a victim of any of these devastating occurrences. Traumatic Brain Injuries have a way to effect everyone around them and we want to help you get the justice you deserve.

We handle brain and orthopedic injury cases in New York both locally and throughout the United States. We know that Traumatic Brain Injuries not only affect the victim, but also the families and friends involved. Our firm has secured numerous six-figure recoveries on behalf of clients throughout the United States while assisting them and their families rebuild their lives.

At Goldblatt and Associates, P.C., our expertise as Brain Injury Lawyers for Orange County NY, our diligence in brain injury and orthopedic cases is unmatched. We are not merely your legal counsel, but your friend and guardian through the recovery process.We assist our clients by promising to guide them through the legal process with complete honesty and communications. If you or anyone you know in Orange County, NY has been left with a traumatic brain injury due to an accident, contact us toll free at 1-800-567-9888.