Brain Injury Lawyer in New York, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester makes Deleware residents aware of this fundraiser.

Aiming to raise brain injury awareness, increase supports and honor activism in the business community, the Brain Injury Association of Delawarewill host its third annual Embellish Your Melon fundraiser from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 2, at Harry’s Savoy Ballroom in Wilmington, Deleware.

Guests are asked to wear a hat or head covering to emphasize the prevalence and life-changing impacts of head injuries at this business-casual to formal event that will help sustain ongoing services for brain injury survivors as well as honor statewide supporters, including the Schell Brothers home builders.

“Someone in America suffers a serious brain injury every 10 to 15 seconds,“ said Lisa Furber, president of the nonprofit Brain Injury Association of Delaware. “Nearly every Delaware family has been affected by a friend or relative with brain injury trauma.”

This is why, Furber said, the ongoing education, support, awareness and prevention of brain injuries is relevant to everyone, if under-publicized to most.

Brain injuries – including those that are the result of stroke or traumas sustained in car accidents, assault, falls or competitive sports – do not discriminate and are not often talked about because they are often the result of painful or unfavorable episodes, Furber said.

“It’s a messy cliché but it is the silent injury that people don’t talk about,” Furber said. “They ought to is because there are ways to prevent it.”

Brain injuries are the number-one killer of those under age 44 and account for more deaths under 34 years of age than all diseases combined.

The mission of BIAD, she said, is to create a better future for those suffering the affects of brain injury through prevention, education, advocacy and support.

The Schell Brothers home builders company took on part of that mission recently to organize and complete the complex renovation that will provide 16-year-old Dover student Ben Knapp and his family with an accessible home.

Knapp was a high school athlete when his heart stopped earlier this year. Although he was revived, Knapp sustained severe brain injuries from a lack of oxygen and now requires new medical and adaptive devices to return to life with his family.

These include a nurse’s station, lift and open shower, but Knapp’s parents– who both coach and work in child welfare – were not in a position to buy, sell or fund renovations to their home.

When Chris and Preston Schell, owners of Schell Brothers home builders, heard the story, the extreme-home makeover contractors said they knew they could help.

“Ben’s parents are both in jobs that give more to others than themselves, and giving back to them seemed the right thing to do,” Chris said.

The home builders will be honored at the event, which will also feature a silent auction, dinner-dance and performances by the Wilmington Children’s Jazz Band.

Information and advance, tax-deductible tickets to attend the Embellish Your Melon dinner-dance fundraiser at Harry’s Savoy Ballroom, located at 2020 Naamans Road in Wilmington, are available at

Look to the same site for more information about BIAD-sponsored brain injury support groups and outreach in each Delaware county and Salisbury, Md.

Tickets will also be available for $59 at the door.

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