A head injury can be devastating. What’s worse is experiencing damages due to the negligence of someone else. When you are not at fault you are still very much affected. Upon seeking the best head injury lawyer in Westchester, NY you are dealing with a serious matter. You are dedicating your time to searching out what do to after an accident, including seeking out an injury lawyer. There is no time to waste. You need a team dedicated to getting you the best outcome possible in the shortest time possible. You need the team at TBI Lawyers. Goldblatt & Associates P.C. handles brain and orthopedic injury cases locally and nationally. We have secured numerous seven-figure recoveries on behalf of clients throughout the United States while assisting them in rebuilding their lives.

Proven Results

Goldblatt & Associates works to ensure that our client’s medical bills are paid, to assist clients in getting reimbursed for costly expenses related to their injury, and to make up for lost wages due to a head injury in Westchester. They also seek and secure compensation for their clients during and after injury. Founder Kenneth B. Goldblatt created a trauma-focused practice to better prepare and offer clients valuable legal and medical guidance. In order to achieve the best results possible, we have the team to help you. By only handling cases involving orthopedic and brain injuries, we are better able to devote our fullest attention to all matters to ensure a positive result. Always consult with a doctor if you believe you have experienced a head injury.

Head Injury Cases

Many times head injuries will be the result of an unintended auto collision. The Goldblatt and Associates firm uses modern courtroom technology to demonstrate how accidents occur and how the injuries correspond to accidents. Our team specializes in digital accident reconstruction.Accident Lawyer NY

With an expert team of accident and medical consultants, the lawyers at Goldblatt & Associates, P.C. have both experience and resources we can lend to maximize your quality of life after an auto accident. They’ll help you put the trauma of a severe accident behind you so you can focus on the future. The firm is completely computerized and utilizes modern legal case management software which permits the effective and vigilant management of all aspects of every case.

Head injuries can often occur at workplaces. Construction workers, warehouse workers, firefighters, police officers, paramedics, laborers, and other skilled workers are often the unfortunate recipients of accidental head injuries. If you have suffered a head injury and are now seeking legal help, we are here for you. If you have suffered a head or brain injury which you aren’t at fault for, there are steps you can take to secure funds you may need or deserve. During your recovery and long after you should not have to worry about the security of yourself or your family. Here at Goldblatt & Associates, we take you through every step of the claim process and deliver results that can help change your life for the better. When seeking the best head injury lawyer in Westchester, NY, you need us. Call Goldblatt & Associates today.