Have You Ever Taken a Bad Tumble?

As humans, we have an odd characteristic. We walk on two feet. While some of us have the gift of being quite balanced on these two feet. As the expression goes, some of us happen to have two left feet, and we may fall more often than we would like to. Accidents happen and are even more likely to happen if you enjoy partaking in action sports. It is a lot more common for someone engaging in basketball, soccer, skiing or snowboarding for example to take a fall, and rely on their instincts to keep themselves safe from harm. Many falling accidents also take place at work. Unfortunately, some jobs are more dangerous than others, and employers don’t always do their best job of keeping their workers safe. We aim to show you how to avoid injuring yourself when falling.

“Unintentional falls are the leading injury-related reason for why people seek emergency care, with almost 9 million visits occurring each year, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Some Not So Fun Facts About Falls!

  • Unintentional falls account for 33% of deaths at home
  • 40% of nonfatal injuries are due to falls
  • Children under 5 and those older than 70 are at greatest risk
  • Kids are most susceptible to falls when playing with toys or using walking equipment
  • Older adults with a history of stroke or other medical ailments which affect balance are at the highest risk of falling

Ways You Can Avoid Injuring Yourself When Falling:

  1. Walk with caution and the utmost balance. Especially in slippery situations. The best defense against falling is defense itself. Try to walk slowly, with arms extended as if you were balancing on a beam for example.
  2. If you feel yourself start to slip, you may feel as though you want to flail around. However, to best defend yourself you’ll want to swing your arms against the way you feel yourself falling to move your center of gravity and hopefully stabilize your body.
  3. Relax your body if it’s too late to recover from a fall. More tension will put more strain on your body when you are falling. You may even want to roll into a ball depending on the fall, to lessen the impact.
  4. Protect your head. Your natural response may be to put your arms out to break your fall, but if you are going to fall hard, you’ll want to be sure that you protect your head. Your wrists are also far more likely to break if you land on them hard while bracing for impact.
  5. Seek medical treatment after a serious fall. Despite any technique you use, or how well you think you’ve recovered from a fall, it is always a smart idea to get checked out afterward. If you have questions on what dictates a serious fall, then you should also seek medical treatment. Bottom line: after a fall, seek medical treatment!

Seeking Action After a Fall

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