With concerns about head injuries increasing, many school districts and community sponsored teams are making adjustments to requirements for participants during games and practices.

But whether the team you or your child participates in has made certain safety measures and equipment mandatory – what happens when there is some sort of injury or concussion? What are your rights? What should be the first concerns so that you aren’t suffering more than is absolutely necessary?
It is crucial that the injured person seek medical attention immediately after an accident or injury that involves any sort of impact to the head – even before symptoms are noticeable. An Emergency Department visit to the nearest location in Central New York with a thorough medical exam – don’t hesitate to have everything checked out. The next step might be to contact the brain injury attorney’s of Goldblatt and Associates, P.C. From lacrosse and soccer to baseball, wrestling and football injuries are occurring at an alarming rate while players are often uncertain as to what to do and how to proceed on their next steps after an injury.
Our clients need not concern themselves with insurance issues like; reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages and ensuring that their medical bills are paid – all of that is handled by the dedicated and experienced attorneys of Goldblatt and Associates. The service provided doesn’t end there; We will also pursue claims to compensate you for injuries sustained that have impacted and may continue to impact your abilities to perform activities of your daily life. We represent the legal interests of those individuals who have sustained orthopedic and traumatic brain injuries due to the negligence of others.
Through techniques which include 3-D Brain Imaging and other court-room technologies we can help deliver like no other attorneys in our field because we are experienced in this specialty and provide the most compelling evidence to get the best possible results for you.
Trust your orthopedic or traumatic brain injury case caused from any sport injury in Central New York to attorneys specialized in the field of personal injury litigation, Goldblatt and Associates, P.C. Contact us at 1-800-567-9888. We service victims all over New York State and the Central New York area including Columbia, Greene, Herkimer, Oneida, Rensselar, Madison and Delaware counties. We offer a free initial consultation and receive no fee unless we are successful.