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TBI lawyers in Syracuse

Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) contributes to approximately 30 percent of all injury deaths in the United States, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Nearly 140 people each day die from injuries that involve a traumatic brain injury. Survivors of a traumatic brain injury often face functional or cognitive challenges may months or years after the injury. The CDC reports that the “effects of TBI can include impaired thinking or memory, movement, sensation (e.g., vision or hearing), or emotional functioning (e.g., personality changes, depression).  These issues not only affect individuals but can have lasting effects on families and communities.”

Causes of traumatic brain injury

  • Falls (40.5%)
  • Motor vehicle-traffic crashes (14.3%)
  • Blunt trauma (15.5%)
  • Assaults (10.7%)
  • Unknown/other (19%)

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