Often, the most difficult obstacle in a brain injury trial is proving to a jury exactly how our client’s brain was injured in the accident. Frequently, clients sustain brain injury without striking their head or sustain an injury to one side of the brain while impacting the opposite side (see coup – contra coup injury). Through biomechanical engineers, our brain injury lawyers can have qualified experts reconstruct the accident dynamics and demonstrate, scientifically, in three dimensions, precisely how our client’s brain is injured in the accident.

In our example, a client struck the rear left part of their head on the pavement. Yet MRI’s detected significant injuries to the brain in areas other than where the impact occurred to the head. Thus it was argued that the client’s injuries were not due to the accident.

Using our client’s MRI’s, a biomechanical engineer reconstructed, in three dimensions, our client’s actual brain. This is shown on the below slides. Using sophisticated software, he then inputted actual accident data and, applying engineering principles of human body dynamics, human tolerance levels, force, inertia, acceleration/deceleration, and changes in velocity (Delta V), reconstructed the dynamics of the accident. He then calculated the forces that were applied as well as the specific areas of the client’s brain where the force was applied.

The video you see was actually used in Court and demonstrates this reconstruction. The areas where the greatest amount of force was applied to the brain are shown in red. When comparing these areas to the MRI’s above, you see that the areas of the brain that was subjected to the greatest force (shown in red) correlate to the areas of the brain where MRI’s detected significant injuries(shown in red).

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