3-D brain imaging has proven to be a very valuable tool in prosecuting brain injury claims. 3-D brain imaging entails demonstrating MRI and other neuro imaging 3 dimensionally. This enables juries to understand the depth and extent of very complex injuries that otherwise may not be understood when viewed in 1 dimension. They provide accurate assessment of abnormal pathology due to head trauma and enable a jury to better visualize the causes of our client’s disabilities.

In the video above, there are 2 sets of MRI films, each of which demonstrate the brain from 3 different perspectives. The films on the left are of the client’s brain while the films on the right side are of a noninjured brain. The Axial view displays the brain from a top to bottom perspective. The Sagittal view shows a side angle while the Coronal view is a back to front perspective. The final view on the top left is the client’s and control’s actual face, absent hair.

3-D brain imaging allows one, by scrolling through the individual slices, to view the various levels of the brain, slice by slice. It also permits one to view the entire brain as a whole as demonstrated in the upper quadrant, thus the 3 dimensions. By colorizing the Ventricles (Indicated by Blue), Corpus Callosum (Indicated by Yellow), and the injured parts of the brain (Indicated by Red), we are able to clearly and simply demonstrate to a jury the exact location and extent of our clients injuries and explain how these injuries correlate to their everyday symptoms and impairments.

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